Physical Intervention

SAFER work Physical Intervention programme

Prestigious Training Solutions Ltd are proud to offer the Maybo SAFER work Physical Intervention Programme.

This physical intervention course has been designed to meet the demands of various industries and is widely recognised. The course is certificated by several leading agencies and awarding bodies having undergone careful analysis.

Physical Intervention Training is needed for various roles in order to help staff safely and effectively manage aggressive and challenging behaviour.

Who is the course for?
The course is specifically suitable for the following roles:

  • Security Professionals within any industry (Retail, Hospital, Care Licensed Premises)

  • Lone Workers

  • Retail and Licensed premises

  • Any individual working in direct contact with the public

It is apparent that many employees face the risk of physical violence during their work and it is necessary for them to have additional training to those techniques taught in the Communication & Conflict Management course.

These techniques have been proven in the hospital (NHS), retail, special event and transport industries and as each sector and role dictates individuals' requirements, the course can be specifically tailored. All techniques are non-aggressive and effective, defensible in court and not based upon pain compliance. They can be learned irrespective of physical strength, size or gender.

What are the entry requirements for the course?
Delegates will need to hold a recognised qualification in Conflict Management or have passed a recognised course within the security industry such as Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Close Protection. You will be required to provide evidence of the training received and or your SIA licence if applicable.

Delegates must also be in reasonable health and will be expected to declare this prior to receiving training in Physical Intervention.

How long is the course?
Open Courses are usually delivered over a 1 to 2 day period

The course is certificated by Maybo. Delegates will also receive full high standard workbooks to support learning. The booklets are a guide and can be used as a reference helping individuals to relate to the principals of physical intervention skills.

Course Content
The course re-iterates the importance of interpersonal skills and avoiding conflict in addition to the physical skills taught which include:

  • Disengagement techniques

  • Non-Restrictive Holding & Escorting

  • Restrictive Holding & Escorting

  • Legislation

  • Risk analysis and medical implication

  • Guidance on the Use of Force

Bespoke Training Solutions
We are able to conduct a training needs analysis and provide you with support and guidance relating to violence within the workplace. This can help to reduce costs and ensure that the most appropriate measures are put in place to reduce the risks faced by your organisation and your staff. Conflict Management Training and Physical Intervention can be combined as a package where required.


Bespoke Courses:

Depending on your individual requirements a bespoke course may offer your company cost savings. Please call 01692 218194 or email us on for more information.


You must have completed training in Conflict Management before attending a course in Physical Intervention