Conflict Management 


Work place violence is an issue in all businesses and services where staff may face emotionally charged situations. The Health and Safety Executive defines workplace violence as "Any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to work". Where the risk is foreseeable a legal duty of care exists on both the employer and employee to minimise this risk by providing safe guidance, procedures and appropriate training.


Training from specialists

We provide a range of conflict management and physical intervention training programmes. You can benefit from the reassurance provided by this credible, accredited training model in such a high risk subject. We can guide you through the possible solutions that might suit your organisation.

The conflict management advice and training:-


  • reduces assaults against staff

  • increases the confidence and performance of managers and staff

  • creates a safer environment for staff and service users

  • enhances customer service

  • reduces the need to resort to force

  • better protects the organisation from compensation claims and reputation damage


Who is this course for? 

Conflict management training is required in certain roles to help staff to safely and effectively manage aggressive and challenging behaviour. The course is of particular value to roles such as:


Customers facing staff

Lone workers

Staff who have to deal with potentially violent situations


Why is the course so special?


  • Training maps to key standards and qualifications and encourages non-physical responses to conflict and violence

  • This unique programme equips candidates with the necessary skills to calm a situation, without resorting to the application of pain techniques to gain the aggressors compliance. These skills are taught in such a way as to allow the candidates to identify the least evasive option to either extract themselves or calm the situation.


Conflict Management Course Content 

The training focuses on personal safety and conflict resolution in your working environment.

The learning includes:


  • health and safety responsibilities

  • employer policy and guidance

  • identifying flashpoints

  • proactive service delivery

  • risk reduction

  • verbal and non-verbal communication

  • calming skills

  • managing incidents

  • post-incident considerations

We tailor the learning to integrate with organisational policies and guidance to meet the different needs of staff at risk.


Bespoke Courses 

The Conflict Management courses are always offered on a bespoke basis and they should be tailored towards your specific company needs. Should you require a bespoke course, one of our experienced instructors will conduct a Training Needs Analysis with you over the telephone free of charge. This will ascertain your company's exact needs so we can tailor the training to suit you and address the issues your company is experiencing with conflict. To arrange a Training Needs Analysis or for further information please call us directly on 01692 218194 or email us on